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    Making Friends in a New City

    Making friends as an adult is a challenge. And with both of my post-college moves (first to San Francisco, then to Bombay), I chose to pursue the development of deep friendships with great intentionality. First, because it drives a huge amount of my happiness. Second, because it doesn’t happen as organically ‘in the real world’ as it used to in college. Third, because I experienced pretty crushing loneliness after both moves. The move to Mumbai, a city halfway across the world from my family, was an especially tough transition. Whether you have a million close friends (good for you, asshole! wait…should I not be calling people assholes if I want…

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    Podcast Roundup: The Best of Lewis Howes

    I find podcasts impossibly boring, and I’m quite incapable of listening to one for more than a couple of minutes without my mind drifting off. I’ve always been much more of a reader. But for whatever reason, when the podcast is videotaped and I can see the interview happening, a switch flips and I quite enjoy them! For this reason, and also because I enjoy Lewis’s congenial style, I have taken to watching Lewis Howes interviews on youtube whenever I’m commuting, eating takeout, etc. Here are a few I’ve particularly enjoyed. The Science of Hunger, Optimal Health and Body Love with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque Kelly LeVeque inspires me. She…

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    You should feel good about 2017

    Every day in December, a friend of mine writes down one accomplishment in the last year that makes her proud. By the end of the year, she creates a list of 31 accomplishments. What a brilliant idea! I’ve heard of many “Year in Review” type activities, but always shy away from them…they usually involve copious amounts of self-flagellation, and many of us are too good at that already. New Years doubles as an opportunity for self-reflection and change for the better, but it can also be a lovely time to simply smile at oneself and say, “well done!”. In the spirit of self-acceptance, I’m sharing a partial list of my…