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    Tribe of Mentors (Tim Ferriss Part 2)

    Harsh truth time: if you live in Silicon Valley and haven’t heard of Tim Ferris, you’re living under a rock. He operates a famous podcast (The Tim Ferriss Show) and writes prolifically. His self-authored bookshelf includes The Four Hour Workweek and Tools of Titans. He represents the classic Silicon Valley hero. His newly released book, Tribe of Mentors, bursts at the seams with wisdom (I mean this semi-literally…it is over 500 pages long). Rather than trying to write a book of his own advice, Tim cleverly crowdsources advice from a smattering of the world’s most successful people. The book represents a compilation of many successful people’s responses to the same set…

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    How to Become a Reader

    In elementary school, I spent recesses reading in a corner while the other children played on the monkey bars. This was in equal parts attributable to the fact that I was an intolerable swot who thought books were more interesting than humans, and to the fact that other children knew how insufferable I was and wisely kept their distance.   Whatever the childhood origins of my love of reading, the love remains as strong as ever, and reading regularly constitutes one of my pitifully few ‘good habits.’ I often converse with friends who ask how they can learn to love reading, or express an interest in reading more. Here are…