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    Reflections on A Year Working in India

    Living and working full time overseas headlined my life bucket list. Last May, I took the plunge and moved to Bombay for one year as part of a social impact leave of absence, which conveniently allowed me to keep my job in the US while taking a year to work at an Indian nonprofit. Despite having spent every summer in India growing up, and having completed many internships in Bangalore and Delhi, moving was nonetheless an adjustment. Whether you’re considering moving abroad to India or another emerging economy, I hope my reflections help to smooth your adjustment curve and set realistic expectations! As trite as it sounds, my year in India…

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    Making Friends in a New City

    Making friends as an adult is a challenge. And with both of my post-college moves (first to San Francisco, then to Bombay), I chose to pursue the development of deep friendships with great intentionality. First, because it drives a huge amount of my happiness. Second, because it doesn’t happen as organically ‘in the real world’ as it used to in college. Third, because I experienced pretty crushing loneliness after both moves. The move to Mumbai, a city halfway across the world from my family, was an especially tough transition. Whether you have a million close friends (good for you, asshole! wait…should I not be calling people assholes if I want…